When You Lose Your Mojo and the Lightness Returns

The last month or so has been a sluggish uphill battle.

I’ve been purely focused on getting healthy and finding my balance again.

I’ve lost 5 kilos, and been going to bed at a decent hour every night and am now feeling so much better as a result.

But, in the middle there I lost all motivation for blogging.

I could barely look at the computer or send out a tweet. I scraped by with a bit here and there, but I was really really uninspired.

I felt like quitting, but didn’t because I knew I didn’t really want to in the long run.

I just wanted to jump off the boat for a while.

I knew there was a special reason for it. My latest podcast talks about me clearing the crap from my life. Part of that involved this blog and y travel blog.

I have not been happy with how it’s been going and I’ve felt quite directionless. Not only that, I had been involved in and giving my attention to a lot of places that were just renting my head space and zapping me of my usual light, positive energy.

I take full responsibility and have reined myself in from that. I’ve culled the negativity in my life and from now on I am focused on getting back my mojo.

I have been sitting around for weeks now asking myself many questions.

No answers came.

But, I knew to be patient and trust in the magic of the Universe. My questions and thoughts were just left to stew for a while until the right solution could be found.

Thanks to a series of events, not co-incidentally, because I don’t believe anything is, I am now seeing a much clearer path. I have had a lot of insight and growth.

I’m still not completely sure how to implement the changes, but the mojo is returning and I am feeling so much better. I think I might be able to write again. I just hope I can do a better job than what I have been doing for some while.

There will be times when no matter what you are doing or what goal you are chasing, you will lose your mojo.

It’s just a part of life. It’s difficult to remain up all the time, as challenges are thrown your way and negativity seems to scout you out in corners unforseen.

You have just got to understand that it is all very natural, and it is usually the Universe trying to get your attention to make some changes.

The best thing you can do is accept your funk and then make the decision to do what needs to be done to get out of it.

First, look towards your health. What is not right here? A slump could easily be put down to a lack of energy which can be easily fixed.

Finding the lightness again

Bring back the light

Next evaluate the path you are walking on. Does it feel right? Are you happy? What feels disconnected about it for you?

Ask lots of questions and don’t expect any answers. At least not right away. I tend to imagine that I am writing my questions on a paper and then I burn them. I don’t have to think about what happens next as I know they’ll turn to ash but the energy of them will be blown up into the air, where the wind will slowly turn the wisps back around to wrap themselves around me with answers.

I don’t panic or worry, I know that the answers will come to me. I trust in the process. And I sit and wait.

At times that impatient side will come out and I will push to find the answers. The fear rises in my belly, and I usually head straight for another “expert” someone who obviously knows better than me, because they are smarter, or funnier, or prettier.

Just as I am about to hit send or pick up the phone, the all-knowing voice inside of me tells me “Just wait”

Sure enough the answers come either through a book, the words of a random stranger, a chance encounter, or stories and wisdom passed to me when sages speak to crowded rooms.

Slowly I am redirected back onto my path and the mojo comes back. You have to be on the right path for your mojo to work effortlessly. Otherwise it’s a struggle.

I’ve realigned mine. I’m feeling fresh, peaceful and happy again.

I love this quote recently shared by Molly from Stratejoy.

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” –

Harold Whitman

My focus is now switching to just coming alive. I love hanging out with people who think in this way, as their joy and lightness gives me permission to do the same. It is accepting, kind and loving.

I really don’t want to be any other way.

I am finding my lightness again. I’m bringing just fun and happiness to this blog in the hopes that I can let my light shine in order to give other people permission to do the same.

A breath of fresh air.

That is all I want to be.

A shining peaceful light that lets you know you can also be the same, that you are, in fact, just that.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How have you managed to get your mojo back before?

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  • Kelly Exeter

    I have nothing to add other than YAY for you Caz.

    I love your method of trusting in the magic of universe and 100% agree that nothing happens by co-incidence 🙂


    • Caz

      It’s so hard to let go and trust but I am working on it.


  • Dexterous Diva

    Caz, this is something I really resonate with. I am crawling out of a gigantic 7 year burnout and can feel my mojo coming back bit by bit, day by day. I really hear you with aligning myself with the universe, and synchronicity is truly coming into play the more I am in my flow. Great things are ahead for us both 🙂 xx


    • Caz

      It’s so great to know you can just let go and hand it over to someone else to take care of and you can sit back and just enjoy the ride


  • Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    You are inside my head right now! I feel like I’m walking a fine edge between inspiration and burnout again. So hard to balance. So hard to trust yourself, to back yourself. Thanks for the motivation.


    • Caz

      It is so hard to balance. When you feel the burn out coming take a break. It’s just not worth it.


  • Allison

    Very inspiring blog post, I really love reading these kind.


    • Caz

      Thank you Allison. So glad you enjoyed it


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