Fighting the Resistance to Change

Craig and I are doing the Great Australian Diet.

I feel as if I have bugs under my skin that I have just got to scratch out, but can’t because I know how much damage it will do.

It’s the great resistance to change reeking havoc with me.

resistance to change

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Ridiculous really. Only a couple of weeks ago, I had three days of nil by mouth and did that really quite easily. Granted the pain and the drugs helped to take my mind of it somewhat.

But it highlights to me intensely the way our mind works.

This diet is cleansing me and retraining my eating habits to be nourishing for my body. It is helping me to understand that I need to eat to live not live to eat.

But, it is also something forcing me to do things I don’t really want to do and that is irritating. And so I am resisting. My body is giving  me all these cravings and whispering constantly that one piece of chocolate and an extra sandwich won’t hurt.

Its’ just the idea of eating that is getting me all worked up, it is not like I am starving.

I have been little hungry, not surprising at all considering all the junk I have stuffed my self with over the past year. I have to entice my body to appreciate the good stuff again.

So far it has just been the first two days, and we have only been able to eat Minestrone Soup (packed with the goodness of delicious veggies that actually makes my body tingle after eating. I can feel the goodness that much) and fruit. Tomorrow we start introducing fish and vegetables. I think I’ll cope better because I will feel freer.

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits says that, “The urge to smoke, eat, procrastinate, or quit running … it will pass. It’s temporary. Usually it only lasts a minute or two. Breathe, and let it pass.”

I’ve aware of my resistance and I have been practicing watching it and letting it pass. The urge does disappear and soon you’ll find yourself doing strange things like ignoring the plate of tempting rocky roads at a party and not finishing that glass of wine.

As Dr. Tickell says:

“If you feel lousy the first few days, then it’s your bloody fault for eating all that muck before you started on this Great Aussie Journey.” Check accountability.


“If you are stating to think up excuses for giving this a miss, then you’re as week as the excuse.”

Them’s fighting words that is keeping me in the Great Australian Diet and overcoming this nasty resistance I currently have to change.

Follow up: I wrote this post last week. I have manage to control my weakness and resistance to change. I’ve now embraced my new diet and as a result have lost 4 kilos and feel so great.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Are you aware of how your body and mind resist change?

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  • Dad Blog Tork

    I am totally the same at the moment. I need to eat better. getting old is a terrible thing, and I realised to i need to eat to live.. stupid fizzy soft drinks.. who invented those things anyway?

    whoever it was, they are bastards 🙂 good luck with it!


    • Caz

      Fizzy drinks are the absolute worst things you can ever drink!! Time to get rid of them, your body will thank you


        • Caz

          aha! yes! You caught me out. Lucky I don’t dink too many of them 🙂


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