9 Things I love this week: Mari Smith, Foo Fighters, Eco Store, Blogging Panels

The horrible weather this week did little to dampen all the great things that I love this week

Speaking on blogging panel

Once again, we shared our thoughts on how brands and bloggers can work together at the Bloggers Relation Forum hosted by Switched on Media. Read my manifesto if you aren’t sure what my thoughts on the topic are.

Christmas dinner with girlfriends

An annual Christmas get together with girlfriends, led me drinking far too much, going home to the wrong house and then having to walk 30 mins on my own to the right one. A story that will not get lived down for some time.

Eco Hair and Skin Products

Eco store products

Eco store hair and skin products

I love the idea of eco products, but really don’t get that excited by them as I have used different ones before and they just don’t seem to work. I was given the opportunity to try a range of natural skin care products from Eco Store and I have to admit that I really love them.

The soaps are absolutely divine, and my favourite has to be lemongrass. Being a lover of all things Thai, it is one of my favourite herbs to use in cooking. It is now one of my favourite soaps. I find them really soft and gentle on my skin.

The shampoo and conditioner has really shocked me into how good it is, leaving my hair soft and silky. I do not feel like any of the natural goodness has been stripped from it and it looks so full of life.



I am a fan and will become a regular customer of their products. I feel quite confident to try their cleaning range now; I think they may actually work and I can help the environment and the health of my family’s skin at the same time.

Mari Smith’s book on The New Relationship Marketing

So many golden nuggets of information in this book and I am only a little way in. Mari is really a lovely lady as well- very authentic, bubbly, and offers valuable information. We have learned so much from her about facebook over the past couple of years, and this book is amazing for offering so much more.

Song of the Week: Foo Fighters Best of You

I’ve been watching Foo Fighter concerts on MTV all week, feeling so jealous that I was not there. I so want to see the Foo live. Their concerts look intense! I’m also currently reading the Dave Grohl biography. I love his passion and energy

I had to share a Foo song- so hard to choose one as there are so many great ones.

Empowering Quote

“Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model. It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface”– Confucious

What I am reading

Three things I know to be true by Jeff Goins Love this post. I need to write my own.

Goodbye South America by Brendan’s adventures I can relate to this post having said goodbye to so many places that stole a little of my heart

30 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips from 2011 by Hub spot

I guess I’m not a Romantic Person by Zoey at Good Googs Love this “The wedding was words and then when our babies were born those words came to life. And all of a sudden they were smiling back at us. And there was so much of me and so much of him I couldn’t tell where I stopped and he began.”

Guest post on Muddled up Mumma

I wrote about An Awakening experience I had at the hairdressers and one I’m sure all Mummas have.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you loving this week?

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  • Tork

    ohhh. i am glad i’m not the only person that hasnt been to a foo-ey concert lately. i’m totally bummed i didnt go.. grrr! 🙂


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