What makes your Relationships Quality?

“So what do you think of Jen’s latest endeavour?”

“Oh, you know, good on her. She sounds really happy and pumped up with it. Why not? As long as she is happy, then I think it’s great.”

“Yeah, I’m the same. I wish she wouldn’t, because I worry about her, but she’s all fired up about it.”

“It’s great training for her. But, I reckon after she receives the first punch to the nose, she’ll change her mind.”

I was on the train to Sydney and my brother and I were talking about our little sister’s enthusiastic entry into the professional boxing ring.

Yes. Nothing will surprise you with our baby sister. Full of fire and adventure, she will try anything. She might freak us out, but she entertains us with her wild spirit and always has an entertaining story to share.


Is that the face of a boxer?

She’s a fitness trainer, mad on all forms of dancing and she will boot camp you to death. She’s gorgeously fit and toned and is a fashion diva. Not really the sort of person you would think would want to risk getting her faced smashed up. (yes. Jen if you are reading it can happen!)

She’s always looking for a challenge and has decided boxing is it. I know when I was doing boxing training, I also got fired up about it, but not quite enough to want to actually take someone on. Jen has more drive and guts then me.

After I got off the phone to my brother I felt really warm and safe inside and thought of just how lucky I am to have amazing siblings.

Brothers and sisters

My wonderful siblings

A post I read today from Audrey at Uncovered Market on Saying Goodbye and Celebrating life made me even more aware of this fact. Audrey and her husband have been nomadic for several years and she has just lost her grandmother. She says

“Having good relationships is not only about maintaining physical proximity to the people who are important to you, but also about sustaining emotional proximity. It’s about keeping communication lines open and reaching out when there’s a need – yours or theirs – to simply say “Hello. I’m thinking about you.”

I only see my brother and younger sister about once every two years as we all lead nomadic lives. My older sister at the moment lives a little closer to home so I get to see her more often now.

But the distance between us all has never driven us apart; we are very close.

My brother has always been my greatest travelling influence and he is the first person I always turn to for encouragement or advice as to where to go next or what to do.

My sisters are always there to lend an ear or an encouraging word. They support me in everything I do, as I do them.

Even though we all may do things sometimes that the others don’t think is best for us, the final word is always

“If that is what makes you happy then go for it. Good on you!”

I love this.

I expressed to my sister my concern about her future boxing career and begged her to go and watch some you tube videos of Muhammad Ali’s present health, but at the end of it, my words were

“If that is what you want to do then you have my support and I want ring side tickets.”

I think I am so so lucky to have such a supporting and encouraging family network. They don’t read my blogs much, but every time I speak to them, they ask me how its going, they are full of praise, encouragement and a helpful suggestion here or there. I know they only want the best for me and what makes me happy, and I in return.

There is no greater gift you can give someone in your relationship then your support and encouragement. You don’t need to have that physical proximity to have relationships that are defined by that acceptance and desire for each other to live their life in a way that makes them happy.

Strong relationships are all about quality not quantity and love comes from quality.


Your Turn to Share Tips:

What makes the relationships quality in your life? Do you have close relationships with your siblings? Do you think proximity matters?

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  • Christine

    I don’t have any siblings, but I’m lucky enough to have incredibly supportive parents, grandmother and best friends. I talk to my three best friends from high school weekly, if not daily–and have ever since we were high school, despite going to different universities and me living abroad for the past two years! It’s all about taking the time to reach out–but also knowing that even if most of our conversations are via FB/gchat/Skype–I know that we will still end up laughing until we cry!


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