Things I love This Week

I love doing this post every week because it forces me to look for the great things that happened and be grateful for them.

I have been really feeling the pregnancy this week, with a lot of aches and pains and sleepless nights, and a sick little girl as well. This post has allowed me to stop whinging for five minutes and rejoice instead.

I hope it can inspire you to do the same.

Business Lunch

Craig and I attended a business lunch this week which we had arranged. Doesn’t really seem like much to get excited about, but for us it was a big reminder to how far we have come with our blogging businesses.

We are celebrating this new part to our lives that we never before dreamed we could actually create. We love being in control of our own destiny and being “entrepreneurs”.

Oh and we had great company as well while we were doing it at Bungalow 8 on King St Wharf, Darling Harbour. I suggest you check it out! A great place to eat on the water.


Who stole the cheese?

Sunny Mummy Sisterhood

I had been debating for many weeks whether to join this Sunny Mummy community or not. I just wasn’t sure what I would get out of it and if it would be worth it. I decided to stop thinking about it and just join. What did I have to lose?

I’m glad I did! I’ve only been there for two days and I love the positive uplifting spirit of the ladies in here. I’ve been warmly welcomed in and there are so many bubbly like-minded women willing to embrace you and lift you up.

I’ve been involved with communities like this before and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until now.Β It’s really liberating. I guess lately I have been feeling the weight of hands trying to pull me down instead of lift me up.

Quote of the Week

“Problems are opportunities in work clothes.”- Unknown

Kirri White- Happy Mums At Home

Kirri runs the fabulous blog “Happy Mums at Home “ I have only met Kirri recently through our mummy blogs, but I really appreciate her positive attitude and her support and encouragement of what I do here. She always has a positive word, story to share, or very helpful feedback.

Dreams Coming True and Future Travel Plans

I’ve had to pinch myself a couple of times this week just to see if certain things are really happening for us. Things we dreamed about years ago, but never believed that we would have the power to create ourself.

Life is magical if you just let the magic into your life by believing you deserve it and you have something worthwhile to offer.

Part of that means we have some future travel plans in the works. We have lots of books, brochures and browsers spread out in front of us as we plan.

Do you know how alive this makes us feel?

Song of the Week: Society by Eddie Vedder

It makes sense that I would love this song as someone who is always happy to run from and leave society behind.

And Pearl Jam is one of my fave bands ever.

Blog Post of the Week

“On death, Addiction and Humanity,” from Shannon at A Little Adrift, really struck a chord with me this week. I really did not pay much attention to the death of Amy Winehouse. My opinion was somewhat of the idea “She knew what path she was walking.”

I am really big on taking responsibility for our choices and being aware of consequences. I’m staunch on this because I see so often the outcomes that happen when people don’t assume responsibility and blame everyone else.

Shannon’s post was deeply moving and made me stop and think about it from a different angle. I still believe we need to take responsibility for our choices so we can change them, but I also hear Shannon’s voice when she says how society forgets those who are troubled and can’t find their way back to a beautiful life that they deserve.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you loving this week? Would love to help you celebrate!

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  • Stacey

    I LOVE the things you love this week, ALL of them & I especially LOVE that you joined us in the sisterhood! So glad to have found you & your blog, Sunny Mojito Mummy, LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing, off to listen to the song πŸ™‚


    • Caz

      Thanks so much Stacey! I’m really happy to be a part of the sisterhood. We’ll have to have a mojito together once this baby of mine pops out!


  • Linda ~ Journey Jottings

    Looking back at the week and realizing that you’ve achieved more than you’d realised is soooooo important πŸ™‚
    I do a monthly ‘look back’ and celebrate ‘a’ *highlight* of the month and then record it for posterity on a Year at a Glance sheet –
    It’s surprising what you have got to celebrate each month if you just STOP for a second and seriously reflect πŸ™‚


    • Caz

      Exactly Linda! It’s so important. And it only makes you feel good so why not? The better we feel the better things we attract into our world.


  • Shannon O'Donnell

    Thank you for the mention and thoughtful feedback this week on the post. I completely agree that personality responsibility is such a key part to finding a fulfilling life; deciding to take on the positive and negative outcome of each and every one of my own decisions has played a key role in shaping who I am today. That being said, Amy suffered from an addiction, and though there were numerous places where her decisions played a role, I also think it’s easy to poo-poo addiction as choice and it’s not the same thing. The physical and chemical brain dependencies of substance abusers is an entirely different realm…

    At the end of the day, yes, she got involved in drugs, but it’s nice to see others reaching out to her thought with compassion too πŸ™‚

    Loving this site, btw, this is my first time here!!


    • Caz

      Thanks Shannon and for leaving a comment. This is my side blogging project πŸ™‚ At the end of the day we all need to practice more compassion. I have recently lost a cousin to an addiction and his younger brother about 14 years ago to the same thing. When it hits closer to home like that it makes you more aware of just how tragic it is. Everyone deserves to have a happy life, I wish everyone could just find the path to that.


  • kirri

    Oh man…I can’t believe I missed the shout-out. Thank you so much for the mention Caz….You must have been thinking I have such appalling manners….Just did not see this post!!
    So lovely of you too! Better late than never?


    • Caz

      no worries Kirri! I did not think anything of the sort


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