Benji Marshall: The Brutal Face of Rugby League

“When someone says a racial slur to your face not just once but a couple of times what else can you do? Benji had not other option but to do what he did.”

Yeah that’s right. Smash them in the face. That is all you can do. That’s the manly thing to do. Exactly what those who want their children to grown up as functional, decent citizens are teaching.

You know those children Benji, who you are a role model for. Do you, or your violent rugby league mates, ever think of the children who you are responsible in helping to raise?

Yes. You are responsible, it is part of the job you signed up for. Thousands of children in school yards everywhere are dreaming of one day being like you, playing their dream sport, being the best at it, and perhaps becoming the face of rugby league.


The Face of Rugby League should do better

Your mother cries and blabs about how bad Australia is for calling you names when all you are doing is trying to help others through your football and charity work. “It’s not fair,” she whines and asks “Why is all this pressure put on you?”

Cut the crap mum. Give your son a serving and tell him that nobody can make him do anything. He is responsible for his choices. And he is in a high pressure job because he signed up for it. It comes with the territory. He gets paid multiple six figures for it every year. He’s not doing it for free.

And while we are at it, I am sure your son gets called names in your own country, and any place he visits,  just like we all do. Don’t blame Australia for this. Look at everything our country has given him. Would his career be as big as it was without the opportunities he found here?

I am not saying that the racial names Benji was called is okay. It is totally unacceptable, and I am sorry that he was the subject of that. Unfortunately there are a lot of Australians that need an education on tolerance and acceptance. And there are plenty of thuggish young Aussie men getting into fights every night, I know that. I hate that violent side to our culture.

But, that doesn’t mean that Benji, a role model for our children, should think it is okay to bust someones lip over taunting from a Neville.

There was another option Benji,

It’s called Walk away.

It’s called “You’re opinion of me is none of my business”

It’s called “Sticks and stones may break my bones and names will never hurt me”

It’s called “I will be the bigger and better person here.”

And as for the NRL. You have a lot to answer for. The state of this sporting organization is a disgrace. You have these young, strong men who have no idea how to handle the limelight. Many of these boys have come straight out of school, with no life education, and you allow them to think they can behave in any manner they like and not receive consequences for it. Why aren’t you spending time to develop their characters?

They behave disgracefully in public drunk, they have group sex with women and treat them like pieces of meat, they get into fights, they carry on like morons just to get their five minutes of fame, and you do nothing about it. These are role models for our children. You need a zero tolerance policy.

What are you doing to our children?

We need your help to raise our society’s values and standards, not drag it down. I walk through the playground of school and see young, impressionable 11 year old boys whacking their pelvis region and yelling out “doggies!” thinking this is funny. It is totally moronic.

They don’t try at school, because they think they can just play rugby league and enter the land of buffoons. A friend calls them a name and they think they have no other choice but to turn around and smash them in the face. Of course- Benji did it, and look at how successful and famous he is. This must be the right thing to do. This must be how I get ahead in life and solve problems.

I used to like Rugby League. I used to think there were many admirable athletes playing it. Craig used to play professional rugby league, and I never saw him or those he played with continuously behaving the way these young men do now. Even he is disgraced by the how these players are allowed to behave and are never made to be accountable for their actions.

You should be teaching these boys that being great at something is not just about your physical talents. It is about being a positive contributor to society.

It is about being a man of high character and using your platform to inspire our children to also aim high and aspire to be great. Make them want to be like you for more than your talent alone.

Stop giving Benji Marshall excuses.

He did what he did, because he made a poor judgement decision. It was a moment of weakness and a display of poor character.

I’m sure he gets pushed each time he takes that field. I’m sure he cops racial slurs on the field, but he can maintain his composure then and not punch someone out. Why? Because he knows there will be consequences. He knows he is on an equal playing field and no longer holds God-like status with those he plays with and against.

Get Real. For our childrens’ sake , find us a man of character to be the face of rugby league. In fact, find us whole teams of men with character. Our children and society are begging for it.

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