How to overcome post Problogger Conference blues and struggles

Problogger conference

Fun times

I walked out of the Problogger conference with a spring in my step and a notebook full of ideas and actionable items.

Two days later I am sitting in my office with a confused head, the notebook is closed and I am slightly slumped.

I’m almost feeling like I could throw in the towel on blogging for good.

All of a sudden I’m just feeling sick of it.

The endless amounts of work, the endless amounts of ideas that don’t get finished, and the endless amount of worry that goes into thinking about traffic numbers and stats.

I’ve suddenly gone into panic mode.

Plummeted from the heights of inspiration and confidence to feeling so insignificant and incapable.

I just feel like I can’t do it and that everyone else around me is doing such a better job.

And then I get even more upset because I know how much time I am wasting feeling like this. It’s Monday, the one day of the week where the girls are with my mum so I can work!!

I’m using what I know about life and success to pull me through.

Here’s what I think are some possible causes of my funk

1. I’m tired

Not only did my brain take on soo much quality information, I also partied a little too hard with friends in Chinatown on Saturday night after the final day. Drinking copious amounts of German stein will not help your energy levels. Note to self: You created that one, suck it up and do better next time.

I so wanted to get up at 5 this morning, but I could not drag myself out of bed. The screaming baby at 3am possibly did not help. So I have been beating up my lazy arse all morning.

2. I have post-holiday blues

You would think being a professional traveller this affliction wouldn’t affect me any more,  but it does, even only after a weekend away and even though I still work my dream life every day.

I LOVE travelling, I LOVE making amazing memories, which I did so much of on the weekend. While my heart was so overjoyed in seeing my beautiful girls again, it feels as if a part is missing at the moment because I left so many great memory moments behind. (If you suffer from post-holiday blues, my post: Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock and 7 ways to overcome post-holiday blues may help.)

3. I am overwhelmed

I have a pile that goes up to the roof of ideas, an even bigger one of pressing deadlines, both of which dwarf my pile of available time.

One of my biggest problems in life is that I am a big picture person. I see the end goal, the vision and I know how great it will be, but I struggle with details. I am no good at taking the bigger picture and making it happen.

I want to write the eBook, create the eproduct, finish the proposals, create the video content, start on the launch series but I am so overwhelmed and paralysed by the details that I am stuck. Where is the tin man, I need some oil?

4. I am insecure

What is this a result of?

Comparing myself to others.

This is what I have been doing upon my return home. I’ve been reading tweets, conference wrap ups and looking at photos and all I can do with each one is see how I am not good enough. I don’t usually do this, I usually read and get inspired, but, perhaps because of the reasons mentioned above it is making me feel really small.

I feel like I’m not doing enough, I can’t write good enough, I can’t socialize well enough, I sound crap, my talk was horrible, I don’t have a good enough story, my fashion taste stinks, and my hair desperately needs Hair Romance as a personal coach!

Ugh damn those comparisons and insecurity. Remember the mantra Caroline; Am I doing better than I was yesterday?

 5. I have fear

I’m so frightened about never been able to achieve my dreams. Maybe I am actually a little frightened of what happens when I do. If I am honest, I think about that a lot. I thought about it at the end when Darren brought us out into the arena to look at the size. Each month, I have that many readers coming to y travel blog.

All I could think of is, why? And What if I let them down? What if I can’t deliver? What if I fuck up? What if my voice suddenly goes?

What if it’s all just a delusion?

The fear of the unknown is a real stupid fear. No one can ever know. Maybe all those seats will empty out, maybe I’ll have to grow into a new stadium, but what is the point in worrying about it until I know.

So now I know what’s going on in my messed up little head, what do I do about it?

Follow the sage advice of others:

1. Keep moving forward

Even though I am feeling really shitty and uninspired, I know that I have to keep moving forward. So I’ve just been pushing through this morning and doing what I do anyway. Thinking of Darren’s 15 minute a day plan, I’ve been working through my tasks and my time spent has amounted to more than 15 mins per task. Here is what I have achieved today:

  • Two blog posts published (one on my enjoyable journey through the Bangkok klongs and my first Mojo magic tip
  • My new email series finished for my travel blog newsletter. (15 mins beat editing procrastination)
  • Video created on our family fun trip at Amazement
  • Post written about my red shoes I wore
  • Post written about the highlights and lessons of Problogger for y travel blog
  • This post written
  • A couple of emails written, including a reply to another company, not interested in sponsored posts but want to publish a guest post on my site. I wanted to reply with Sarah Wilson’s comment “I am not a community service blog.” Instead I spoke of my need to feed my children.

2. Cuddles with those I love

I gave lots of cuddles to my two girls this morning and a couple to Craig. Little giggles and warm embraces always give you sparks of happiness.

3. Write out the struggles

I can’t even begin to tell you how much clearer I feel now after writing this and acknowledging what my issues are. We cannot change that which we do not own.

4. Look backward.

Darren spoke very clearly on how often we forget where we have come from and just how much we have learned. I only have to go back to some of the first posts I wrote on my blog to see that. If only I still had the original design to look at!!

I shouldn’t be wallowing around in my own self-pity when I have already managed to achieve so much. I’m spending every day at home with Craig doing this and travelling a lot as well. Two years ago if I had of been stuck trying to get that bigger vision down into smaller steps I would never have done anything. But I did and it worked because I am living my dreams.

I just have to do what I have always done. Dream big, so big that it bloody scares me, and then every day take small action steps.

I know this. I’ve done it before.

5. Practice Gratitude

You know I really believe that whenever our life is a big shaky and our head space is a bit off, it is because we are not practicing the art of gratitude.

We are seeing all the problems, the insecurities, the minuteness and the frowns. We really need to be looking at the happiness and be expressing our gratitude.

So thank you Universe for the reminder to me today to be grateful.

Instead of feeling so small I am going to feel full.

So here are 10 ways my life is so full today.

1. I am healthy and whole. Thank you Thank you Thank you

2. I have an adorable husband who is so supportive and loving. Thank you Thank you Thank you

3. I have two beautiful daughters who make me kiss the air every day just knowing they chose me to be their Momma Thank you Thank you Thank you.

4. I have a loving and supportive family who have done so much to help us create this life of our dreams. Thank you Thank you Thank you

5. I have had so many amazing mentors enter my life Thank you Thank you Thank you for all you have taught me in order for me to achieve.

6. I have so many incredible friendships, some that are decades old, others only a few weeks. Thank you Thank you Thank you for always touching my life with beautiful people.

7. I wake up every morning greeting the day with thanks instead of “Oh fuck” and the desire to close the blinds. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

8. I am blessed with a beautiful community of readers who inspire and encourage and who want the best for me and each other. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

9. I have been given opportunities to use my voice in an empowered way. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

10. I was born in a country that offers stability, an incredible lifestyle and many opportunities for me to live my dream life. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I think I am ready to rock and roll now.

Thank you for helping me get that out.

P.S If you want to listen to all the amazing speakers and learn what I did then grab your virtual tickets so you can get access to the recordings. It really was a weekend of PURE GOLD!! (That is an affiliate link)

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you struggle with post-conference blues? Can you understand why?

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  • Wanderlust

    Well, you’ve accomplished a lot more today than I have. I would be thrilled with that level of productivity! I think anytime we try to make positive changes in our lives, in any area, it tends to activate all of our fears and doubts around whatever area that is. While it can be uncomfortable, it’s also a good thing, because it brings to the surface all the potential internal roadblocks we tend to throw up. And if we can see them, then we can do something about them.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I so agree. I think because I have been working on myself for so bloody long now, I’m finally starting to be able to recognize what those roadblocks are a lot easier. Problem is they still keep coming!!! I know the discomfort is a good thing and I’m feeling it a lot now every time I think of creating my own products. I know I want to do it but the thought just sends me sliding. I’m going to keep working through it every day and do Darren’s 15 minute tasks until I can calm the fears and doubts for good. Thank you lovely lady!


  • Melissa - The Mellyboo Project

    Aww Caz… I do understand completely…

    I had a to-do list a mile long yesterday and one phone call (my only phone call of the day) went and ruined all my motivation. Nothing was done – and Mondays are one of my big productivity days… ah well… it’ll have to wait I suppose.

    You inspire me – I don’t really know how you manage to fit everything in like you do – I can barely run 1 website, never mind 2 very successful sites, plus raise a family and everything else. You’re awesome! Keep your head up high! 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Don’t you hate those phone calls!! It takes just one person to leave you feeling funky. Thanks Mel. I feel like I’m only doing things at half mast though most of the time. I hope your day was better today and you could catch up a little.


  • Vanessa

    I always get an overload of information. Implementation is the hardest part of any strategy, business or personal or somewhere in between. That’s one of the key things I focus on with clients in my business. We all find it difficult sometimes. Being thankful is a great way to start as it pulls you out of your funk pretty fast and lets you focus on the work.

    For the record, I think you guys do an amazing job with your sites. Keep it up 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you Vanessa! It is so hard to keep the right perspective sometimes. The implementation thing is so hard. I am focused on getting 15 mins done a day on those tasks I am lagging on. It is really helping me and I’m generally going over the 15 mins. I’m just struggling getting myself up early


  • Christina @ Hair Romance

    I’m so glad you wrote this as I am feeling the same way. I haven’t blogged in a week (mainly computer issues) but I’m struggling to get back on track. I need to wash my hair. I always get ideas in the shower, especially as there’s nowhere to write them down!
    Loved hanging out with you & Craig in Melbourne. You have both achieved so much and are an inspiration to me.
    Keep that big picture in mind, don’t let the details slow you down x


    • Nikki @ Styling You

      I love that your solution to this is to wash your hair Christina! You really are meant to be blogging what you are blogging about x


    • Caz Makepeace

      The shower is a great idea. Hope you had your recorder close by. I bought some Morrocan argan conditioner yesterday- I hope that helps!!!
      I think sometimes we may have to take a step back and do nothing in order to get the momentum to move forward even further and faster. Your mojo will return very soon!

      We had a blast hanging out with you and Jim. Lots of fun!


  • Nikki @ Styling You

    I’ve just walked the beach AGAIN to shake off many of same feelings that you’ve expressed above Caz. I think most of mine have bubbled to the surface because I did over-do it – both in terms of the conference and the 4-day #mumsontheloose escape. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m just going to clean up my desk, light a candle, pop some flowers in a vase and get on with today (yesterday I had a deadline to keep me focussed!). LOVE your work xx


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thanks Nikki! I just cleaned up my desk and cleared away the financial books and I feel so great. And this morning I hung out on the beach with the girls and we had soo much fun. The beach does amazing things for your spirit levels


  • ponikuta

    Thank you for posting this as I was just contemplating to throw in the towel and call it quits after blogging for almost 9 years on Sunday post pbevent.

    I guess I am coming to the realisation that I can’t do it all and expect to excel in both my blog and career. One baby step at a time and perhaps tomorrow night I will lift through the pages I have noted over pbevent and go through it one page at a time.



    • Caz Makepeace

      I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all. It really is just about taking tiny baby steps. If you keep taking them when you look back at the end of the day you’ll be surprised by how far you have come.

      I forced myself to do my 15 min hate task today- the accounting!! Once I got into it though I decided to keep going and now Sept books are cleared away. Yay!! A massive feat for me because I usually let it run for months before playing catch up. Small steps help!


  • Vicky

    The beautiful thing about this post is watching you work through what is going on in your head, acknowledging it, and finishing with gratitude.

    Thank you, for sharing that you feel all the same kind of feelings I feel, and I’m just a tiny little blogger. It has made me feel better, knowing that we all feel overwhelmed and wonder what the hell we are doing.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you Vicky. Writing this post helped me sooooo much. I felt so free and clear after it. And it was written as the process went through not in hindsight.
      I was really surprised at Darren’s opening keynote when he said he still often feels inadequate. Makes me realize no one ever escapes those feelings, it doesn’t matter what level you are at! I wonder if Michael Jordan ever did!!!


  • Johanna

    I know just what you mean about arriving home and feeling totally overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion and an overload of information and ideas that, “Just HAVE to be implemented immediately otherwise I’m doomed to be a complete failure.”All hail to Darren’s sage 15 minutes a day advice, although that in itself isn’t easy for creative people who lose track of time and spend too long on each project 🙂 I applaud you for your creative and productive endeavours yesterday – they sound mammoth. You are doing so well with both your blogs and you are an inspiration to me. It was lovely spending time with you and Craig after hours in Melbourne x


    • Caz Makepeace

      The 15 minutes is so helping me Jo! I can’t believe what I have managed to get done. things I have been procrastinating on for weeks. They are just little things too so the 15 minutes is perfect.
      It was so wonderful spending time with you Jo. You are the sweetest person. Kalyra and I are up to chapter 2 in your book and we love it! Such a great story so far, you are a really great writer.


      • Johanna

        Brilliant that you are being so productive :)! You will feel so satisfied by the end of the week. Aww, thank you – the feeling is mutual. Wish we’d had another day in M. I’m beaming with happiness that you and Kalyra are enjoying D and the Munchings, thank you. I hope it makes you both giggle as well, and also see the funny side of parenting (and being a child).


  • Natasha von Geldern

    Gosh I feel like you’re reading my mind and I didn’t even get to the conference (wonderful to meet you tho btw)! The dreams/ideas pile is so big, the child-free time is so modest… and the guilt that despite loving my little family, being away from them is like drug – I want more. Really inspirational post, thank you x


    • Caz Makepeace

      It was so wonderful to meet you too Tash! It is a crazy cycle we have got ourselves into here. Sometimes it is a struggle to stick with it but then I look at the alternative and it keeps me here for another day.


  • Lisa B

    I met you and your husband very briefly after your panel on Saturday and asked about how you travel and educate your kids. I think you’ve articulated what many of us are feeling. Look forward to hearing about your further travels.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh yes Lisa! I read your wrap up post yesterday. It was very good! It’s so good to hear that we are all not alone. We are all going through this feelings. The community is so great that we help raise each other up to get through it.


  • Tash

    That top photo is so sassy and fun! Love it!

    Wow, it’s amazing that you have these doubts and though processes – you are travel blogging royalty! Just goes to show that there is so much work, and thoughts, and personal investment and sharing in this blogging gig.

    Love that sharing this has helped you order your thoughts, and get back on track – and also helped all of us bloggers out here too, with the little window into your processes!

    Was lovely to finally meet you last week!


    • Caz Makepeace

      It was fun getting it taken!
      Blogging is so challenging. I get these feelings almost every day, but some days they strike harder than others. I think there is just so much of yourself invested in it that it makes it worst.
      I hope it can help others, I like to write this stuff out because I know we’re all the same, so if it can help others to not feel alone than its worth baring my soul.

      Was so great to meet you the other night Tash. Can’t wait to hear more of your house sitting adventures to come!


  • Twitchy

    Relating to SO MUCH of this, despite not having attended a conference. I am, however sliding into post holiday blues (or as I have coined it “Re-entry is a Bitch(c)”). Poor husband is reporting same. My photos will help ease the pain 🙂 While we were away I also lost most of my connectivity, which came as a bit of a shock to my system and made me look at how much I invest in SM and the cost to benefit ratio. I too, need a mojo helpline, stat. Great post.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Re-entry is a bit Twitchy. I hate it. Start planning your next holiday, it always helps. I’ve got Thailand in mind now for January. Must go there soon or I’ll die. Hope the pain eases soon. I know it too well.


  • Andrea

    Caz, you nailed it for me too. I’ve been fuffing and feeling a bit down today. I’m going to make myself a list of 10 things myself now, followed by a walk on the beach, and a promise to swear off drinking beer steins with you ever again 😉 .
    x A


    • Caz Makepeace

      The 10 things list helps so so much. Puts everything into perspective. Yes, I think we need to ditch the steins. That was a nasty move. We went to another pub after that one. I do not know how to say no to fun.


  • Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    I am amazed at what you achieved today!
    I have also crashed back down to Earth. But a ridiculous financial situation is helping to focus things, all too keenly.
    So much to do.
    Ps you were awesome on the panel. I find you very inspiring and you should be proud of all you have achieved x


    • Caz Makepeace

      Aw thanks Laney! That means so much to me. I hope you’re crash is turning back around now. Seems like it must be a common thing for everyone to go through. I hope the financial situation is okay. If you need to chat, I have good ears and completely understand.


  • Christie-Childhood 101

    I am hearing you! And look how much you have achieved, both since beginning blogging and even yesterday and today 🙂 I was so grateful to have a little time to chat with you, and with Craig, you are both inspirational x


    • Caz Makepeace

      It was awesome chatting with you Christie! You are such a wise and gentle person. I really appreciated the advise you gave me about Kalyra. I haven’t chatted to her about it yet, but I’ll let you know what she decides! Hopefully we can meet again soon. Lots of cuddles to your beautiful baby girl. She has your calm personality.


  • David Wang

    Hi Caz, you start off the post with how tired you feel, etc and then you list the 7 things that you’ve already achieved. I’ve just finished catching up with my email! I’d say that you’re doing pretty ok 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you and Craig implement from what you’ve learnt!


    • Caz Makepeace

      HA Ha. I had to keep pushing myself to get through it. It felt more like pulling teeth then my usual free inspired run through. Was so lovely to meet you David!


  • Loreena

    Oh I am SO glad you wrote this post. Coming home to reality is sometimes so hard.
    We are so inspired, yet so dragged down by the mundane existence that is our current lives right now. We’re months away from living our dream, but it’s these months that will be the hardest. We have such limited time and so many ideas and goals that it truly makes me wonder why bother!
    BUT, the one thing I have taken away from PBevent above all else is the connections. It was so lovely to meet you and so many other bloggers. I wish we got to talk more, but Craig and Matt seemed to have a great chat at the Travel Blogger dinner.

    I think we sometimes have to allow ourselves just to breathe, without pressure. That’s what I’m doing right now. I know my goals, but for now I’m just blog hopping and catching up with some amazing people I met, and then, when my spirit feels ready, I’ll kick back hard and keep going. In the meantime the 15 minutes is also my saviour 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Keep bothering Loreena. You will get there and as you said it is so close. I often feel like quitting, actually all week I have, but then things turn around and good things will come your way. We had a good day today. You really have to pay attention to those small signs that tell you to keep moving forward. They pop up in the strangest of places, but they are such cool little messages when you see them.

      IT was so great to meet you and Matt. I love how you say allow ourselves to breathe without the pressure. Very true! Hope to see you both again soon


  • Annie @ Go Camping Australia

    I didn’t go to this event (nor any blogging event being such a newbie), but I think after reading this if YOU feel like this after such an event, I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like for someone who hasn’t achieved your success. The comparisons and feelings of inadequacy could eat me up at such an event (if the anxiety didn’t get me first!).

    Maybe one day I will get there, but in the meantime, might just need to read about these events from the pro’s!


    • Caz Makepeace

      I think it is pretty normal to feel like this, big or small, conference or not! I think you would really love it. you do learn a lot and make some awesome connections. It can just be overwhelming when you get home and the real work begins.


  • edenland

    Caz, I saw you from afar, wish I came up and said hello!! You’re just bloody gorgeous. I love this post, and can really relate. It can all get so relentless.

    Love, love to you XXXXX


    • Caz Makepeace

      Aw thank you Eden. Those conferences are like your wedding. You get home and start kicking yourself because you realized there was so many people you didn’t talk to. I was pretty sick the first day so was trying to sneak around in the background. I’m glad the conference helped boost you back into the adventure of blogging. ( I read your post)


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  • Forest Parks

    I’ve never actually been to a conference related to blogging but can relate to a lot of these feelings. Especially the one about not feeling relevant or interesting compared to other blogs. However I realise you just have to power on and keep at it.

    Great post with a great set of reactions to your feelings.


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