Guest Blogging Guidelines

Mojito Mother is currently accepting Guest Posts for the site.

I only accept guest posts from other bloggers. I DO NOT publish posts from companies or businesses looking for free link backs or promotion. If this is what you want you will have to explore our paid advertising options.

 What are my Guest Blogging terms, requirements and guidelines?

  • I reserve the right to edit any articles so they blend in well with Mojito Mother.
  • Posts should be fresh content, not a copy of something that has been published elsewhere online.
  • Post must have your authentic voice and must be based on your personal experiences
  • Posts should be 600-1400 words long. We prefer it to be written and formatted in word press first with H2 tags for any headings and then send us a copy of the html code. Otherwise in a plain text pad format.
  • While you do not have to be a professional writer to write a guest post, we do expect that your articles are easy to read, and contain good grammar and punctuation. Please edit your work before sending it through.
  • We prefer it if you can include relevant photos that you have permission to include. Photos must be no larger than 640 pix wide and must be compressed.
  • You can include a bio with your article with a maximum of two personal links.

How do I submit a guest blog post?

  • Contact us with your  article ideas or any post you have already written
  • Make sure you have read the guidelines above
  • Include any relevant photos, as well as your 2-3 sentence bio.
  • I aim to get back to you within a couple of days, and depending on our schedule your post should be published within 3 weeks.
  • Please do not contact me unless you really intend on following through with your guest post. Keep me up-to-date on its progress and when you expect it to be ready. I will not chase you for it.

I will promote your post through my social media channels and my newsletter.

Guest Blogging Tips for when your work is published

  • Make sure you stumble, share on facebook, and tweet your published pieces as well as spread it through your other social networks.

This is really important. This will increase the power of the link is pointing back to your site (Google loves this). Not only that but it is promoting your work through various traffic networks. I have come across many new writers through twitter or SU that have appeared as guest bloggers on other sites. Of course, whoever you are guest blogging for gets benefit from this social promotion as well, but it is a win win – the only way to network.

  • It is also great to have your own published writing page on your blog. On this page link to all pieces you have published elsewhere on the net or in print. You also want to put other information, such as any place your blog posts have been featured. This does two things:

1. Gives you greater authority as it allows visitors to see how you write for, or are featured in, other publications.
2. Gives a trackback to the piece you are linking to. All blog owners love receiving trackbacks, as it shows them people are appreciating their work. It also puts  another comment style link to your blog on that specific post.

  • Make sure you reply to any comments that others leave on your guest blog post. This lets them know you appreciate them and are interested in what they have to say even though it is not on your own blog.